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About $5 Blind Box Bargain Item

Need to top off your cart to receive free shipping? Like surprises? Just feeling lucky? Or all of the above?

Place a Blind Box Bargain in your shopping cart, and you will receive a "random mystery item" that will be a serious value for the dollar amount assigned to it* and...

Is anime, manga or Asia-related; Will be new and never previously handled; May be in Bargain Bin** condition: That is, it may have a cosmetic scratch or dent, including (but not limited to) a scratched case or cover, a wrinkle in the cover, or a dented case corner, but we warrant the item will otherwise work as intended; May be a single volume from a multi-volume set; and/or May be a random volume from a series.

If you buy large quantities of Blind Box Bargains, it is possible you may receive duplicate items. There is a finite number of different things in the Blind Box at any one time.

* Blind Box Bargains reflect the price you pay. You may receive just a single item or a grouping of bundled items. Regardless of what you receive you are guaranteed to get goodies which will be at least equal in value – or even substantially surpass the value – of your purchased Blind Box.

**Please note: All Blind Box Bargain sales are final and are not eligible for return. For more information about these and other Bargain Bin items, please read the FAQ.


  • Publisher: RIGHT STUF
  • Media: Unclassified Products
  • Release Date: 6/7/2010
  • Dimensional Weight: 1

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More than I expected


I wasn't too sure what to expect from this, though based on what other people said it seemed like it would at least be decent. Imagine my surprise when I ended up getting a complete box set of Diamond Daydreams.

Great item for the money


I ordered this to get my last order above 49USD, and I received the Mardock Scramble Novel, which costs more than twice as much at retail. A great option even if you do qualify for shipping, I'll be trying it again in the near future.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure


I've never heard of this anime before and was a little skeptical at first. I really got lucky with this because it is a quite enjoyable anime and I want to get more of the series.

Ex Driver


Recieved the bundle of the Ex Driver Movie plus the soundtrack. Unfortunately, I had already ordered this some months before, but a good value for your money!

u should just get it


u should just get it i a few weeks ago and a got EDEN'S E BOWY and i always wanted it so i was worth the money

A bit disappointed...

by -

Bought 2 of these and got Volumes 6 and 7 of "Robotech"... which is apparently an old American cartoon that was important to bringing anime to the West.

1. This is an american cartoon. I was promised to get something "anime, manga or Asia-related" in the description, but this is not Japanese.
2. One of the volumes is "Legacy Collection" and one is "Remastered" (Although this is not a very important thing).
3. It's the last volumes of the show... I have to buy 5 other collections to complete the set... to be fair, the description warns you of this.

Onto the positives!

1. I paid 10 dollars for 2 of these, and got 5 DVDs in return. 2 Dollars per DVD sure ain't bad.
2. One of the boxes came with some action figure from the show.
3. They come with their own box to hold the DVDs.
4. They cost more than $5 at the time of writing this

Overall, I am satisfied, but I'll probably just do $10 or $1 next time.

I love blind boxes


Personally I love "luck of the draw" experiences and since I've found out about them I pretty much always add a blind box or two to any Rightstuf order. I think I've only ordered the five dollar one once and got a Robotech dvd with a cool goofy little figure. I'm a Robotech fan, have them all on dvd already but the figure was cool and I'll give the dvd to a friend or goodwill. Someone above also mentioned Robotech above and said it wasn't anime. That's not actually true, the story was changed a bit to make three unrelated series into one series but all the animation and the majority of the storyline is Japanese. For the price of a latte, thus was totally worth it!

It is okay


I like these blind boxes but I was quite disappointed in the fact that every one of them was a dvd. I never heard of some of them so I didn't mind receiving them. I would just have to get the first parts of the series first. I did a multiple of the 1s, 5s, and the 10s. Overall satisfy for the price amount but would rather have a variety of stuff and not all just dvds.

$5 dollar blind box

by -

purchased 2 of these recently both had Blade of the immortal vol 3.

a little dissapointed but its the fun of opening something random and new that i would not usually get. :)

Less than

by -

The product itself was in great condition....but did not feel the item received was worth $5 or more...felt it was worth less than $5....over all it is a fun product to buy if you enjoy surprises despite the outcome

Maybe splurge a little more

by -

I was a few dollars short of getting the free shipping, so I decided to toss in a $5 blind box to help me qualify for it, fully knowing that it would be a random item that could be anything. When I received my package my blind box item turned out to be the October 2006 issue of Shojo Beat magazine.

I can't be mad or disappointed since it WAS just supposed to be a random $5-ish valued item (and the magazine says it was worth $5.99), so the blind box was what it said it would be... but I would have been happier to have gotten something other than a ten year old issue of a magazine.

If I ever have an order just short of getting the free shipping option again I'll probably buy another blind box item, but I'll be sure to get the $10 or $25 one instead of the $5 one.


by -

I got the Robotech Legacy Collection 5 DVD Box which comprises of 3 DVDs. For 5$, it was worth it as you can buy the item for 20-30$ on other stores. I'm now set on including the $5 blind box on every purchase, for the thrill and excitement of now knowing what's coming! :D

The Best Way to Top Off Carts for Free Shipping

by -

If you buy this you will certainly get an item that is technically valued at more than $5 but you may very well get something that you would see as completely worthless. The item I received was at the time on sale for $5.99 with a retail value of $44.98. As a way to top off a basket to get free shipping, or just a random purchase because you are "feeling lucky," this is really a great idea and a great deal.

With that having been said, you are basically getting something from the Clearance section of the website so if you want to have a general sense of what you might get that's a good place to look. At the $5 mark you are most likely going to get either a box set of some kind, either manga (such as an omnibus version, likely some random number later in a series) or a DVD box set (again, most likely an volume late in a series). Overall I would rate this as more consistently valuable than the $1 blind box in that you are more likely to receive something that is not total rubbish.

$5 Blind Box Review

by -

I received Soul Eater Earphones for my $5 Blind Box. Kinda of a waste, but I will probably will buy more.

well worth the price

by -

I took a chance since I received a free offer as a long time buyer. Didn't expect much but I was surprised I got the complete DI GI CHARAT dvd. It list for $15 so try and see what you get.

Sucks wien

by -

Literally sent me something that is only worth 4 dollars online. What a waste. Do not buy.

Pretty Good Deal


It was a nice surprise for what I got. I am excited each time I purchase a blind box item.

As You Would Expect

by -

I ordered the $5 blind box and got it for free as part of a special offer during Dec. 2016 where you got a free one if you bought a Sentai Filmworks anime and entered in a code at checkout. I received Robotech Remastered Extended Edition Box Set 6 on DVD, which also came with a mini mech toy. The series was originally made in Japan in the 1980's and released in the United States soon after. Expect to receive old anime, manga, or "Asia-related products" that they are trying to get rid of. I only recommend adding this to your cart if you're close to getting free shipping and need this to reach the amount to get it. I wouldn't recommend buying it for the sake of buying one, as the stuff you'll get is probably going to be something that you don't want/care for and will most likely be a random volume/box set from a random series, so you'd need to the rest to get the whole story, which isn't worth it in my opinion.

Could have been worse?

by -

I got collection 2 DVD of "Princess Resurrection", an anime that I'd never heard of, so I looked it up. Didn't seem like my kind of thing, so I didn't open it. I got this for free so I didn't lose anything from getting this. I'll find the first half of the series and give it a go or give it to someone who'll probably like it, if I ever find someone.
I will probably buy this again, however.

Pleasantly Surprised

by -

Honestly, I am not the type of person to normally purchase something when I don't know what the item is. However, I got this $5 Blind Box on a special deal, and I was pleasantly surprised to receive an anime DVD collection.

My item: Hell Girl - Two Mirrors (Collection One of Season Two).

The item is worth around $15, so that already made the $5 Blind Box well worth it monetarily. Plus, Hell Girl has pretty good ratings from what I could find. The main downside I have found with this item is that I am having some trouble finding season one to watch/ purchase, and I personally don't like watching any anime mid series...

So, if you're feeling lucky, I say give this $5 Blind Box a shot, at least once.

It's Like a Box of Chocolates!

by -

I manage to get 2 Blind Boxes from the "BLINDBOX4U" Promo with purchase on each separate order & here are the results:
1)Vampire Hunter D, Manga Volume 2 from DMP.
Retail value: $12.95
2)Bakemonogatari Monster Tale, Light Novel Part 3 from VERTICAL.
Retail value: $13.95
Anyway, its O.K. since I got it for "FREE!" while browsing the RightStuf Anime Website many times.

Luck of the Draw

by -

I was sent a promo code for a free blind box shortly after signing up, and as I was ordering things anyway I thought 'why not'. Received a pair of Soul Eater Not earbuds! I wasn't a fan of the show itself, but these are extremely cute. I still feel it's worth mentioning that part of the fun of a blind box is it could be good, it could be bad, and if you're not prepared for something bad these aren't for you. Personally, I definitely plan on doing this again my next purchase.

Sometimes it's worth the risk.

by -

We all know this sort of thing can be hit-or-miss, but I got one on a whim.

Couldn't believe what I got when I opened the box: a BluRay copy of Ninja Scroll, which is now out of print.

You can definitely get some major gems if you just take the chance.

Pleasantly Surprised!

by -

So I thought I would give the $5 Blind Box Bargain a try. I didn't expect much since it's random. I figured it would be a volume of some random anime I never heard of but instead I got Moribito Guardian of the Spirit complete DVD collection. I saw this on TV and really enjoyed it so I'm very happy I got this. I was going to get the Bluray version but since I have the DVD version I don't need the Bluray version, talk about saving some money. You should try it out, from most of the reviews I read seems most people are glad they tried this. You should give it a try.

More than worth it!

by -

I just bought one of these for the first time recently, so I had no idea what to expect. I was not disappointed. I recieved "Burn Up" on DVD, still wrapped in the plastic, so it's not even used! Honestly, I expected a few little trinkets or something. I will probably start adding one of these to every order!