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About $25 Blind Box Bargain Item

Need to top off your cart to receive free shipping? Like surprises? Just feeling lucky? Or all of the above?

Place a Blind Box Bargain in your shopping cart, and you will receive a "random mystery item" that will be a serious value for the dollar amount assigned to it* and...

Is anime, manga or Asia-related; Will be new and never previously handled; May be in Bargain Bin** condition: That is, it may have a cosmetic scratch or dent, including (but not limited to) a scratched case or cover, a wrinkle in the cover, or a dented case corner, but we warrant the item will otherwise work as intended; May be a single volume from a multi-volume set; and/or May be a random volume from a series.

If you buy large quantities of Blind Box Bargains, it is possible you may receive duplicate items. There is a finite number of different things in the Blind Box at any one time.

* Blind Box Bargains reflect the price you pay. You may receive just a single item or a grouping of bundled items. Regardless of what you receive you are guaranteed to get goodies which will be at least equal in value – or even substantially surpass the value – of your purchased Blind Box.

**Please note: All Blind Box Bargain sales are final and are not eligible for return. For more information about these and other Bargain Bin items, please read the FAQ.


  • Publisher: RIGHT STUF
  • Media: Unclassified Products
  • Release Date: 6/7/2010
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Pretty amazing


I got the Gasaraki Complete Series Collection in Mine! Pretty freaking sweet if you ask me. And a nice discount compared to buying it normally. Trust me Otaku's, its worth it!

$25 Blind Box

by -

I got the subbed version of Maid Sama complete collection. It would've been cooler if I didn't already have the dubbed version, but still good.

Good for the Price, but completely random (to state the obvious)

by -

Monetarily? spent 25+ shipping for a 50$ item in the store. The problem for me was the contents. I got Bleach Dvd set 13, i haven't watched bleach since the end of season 2 so i wouldn't know what was going on.

Overall not a bad pick up for the price, just a bit inconvenient that i got the middle of a series i dont own.

An amazing value

by -

I've always loved things like blind boxes and mystery bags, enjoying the concept of getting more or less a mystery gift for myself at a discount. I actually couldn't be happier about this one. I received a copy of Beyond the Boundaries Blu-Ray\DVD Collector's Edition. I'm looking forward to getting more in the future.

$25 b

by -

I would give it a no star if I could. I got a novel that is $14 with my so called $25 blind box bargain item. I am pissed about it. I had gotten a better deal with the $10 bargain than I did with this one. Not buying it ever again.

Not worth the chance!


I got a $25 blind box for $19.99 and received Welcome to the NHK novel, which is sold on this web site for $15. I was very disappointed. I have gotten better items with the $10 blind box than what I got with this $25 blind box. This was my first $25 blind box and it is my last. I will never buy another $25 blind box again.

The best surprise EVER!

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I'm not gonna lie and say I didn't do some research on what I might recieve, and seeing a few people get the beyond the boundary collectors edition I was really hoping for it. I didn't receive that, but being an avid persona fan I got something a million times better: the persona 4 animation blu-ray/DVD collectors edition, i'm so stoked, and I can't wait to purchase more blind boxes off rightstuf!!

high risk high reward

by -

High risk High reward it is a chance but I got the second part of a old 90's anime that was really good I ended up getting the first part just to see it. (Wedding Peach was the title I got)

Good deal

by -

Got Akame ga Kill collectors edition, I'll take that discount, defiantly worth it

3.5/5 - Both Awesome and Disappointing at the Same Time

by -

First off, this was my first Blind Box experience in the three plus years of me donating hundreds of dollars of hard earned money to the Rightstuf cause. The results were mixed.

I purchased this on a Blind Box weekend sale back in August, 2016 for $19.99. I received Leviathan: The Last Defense (the newer release with the English dub), which was well over the $25 retail value by quite a lot. In terms of value it’s a no brainer 5/5. However, here is where the disappointment comes in. The show itself is nothing spectacular. The poor reviews circling around the internet are justified. For that, it gets a 2/5. It was quite exciting in wondering what I would pull. Too bad the results were less than stellar.

As advice to anyone considering a blind box purchase, it is random. It is the risk that you take when purchasing one of any dollar value. Would I do it again? Yes I would. I read the reviews from others and many received something monetarily valuable that was entertaining as well.

Pretty Decent

by -

I've done a bit of research on the blind box because this was my very first one. I seen some people get some great things and not so great things. I was expecting the worst but hoping for the best. What i happened to get is Leviathan on Blu-Ray. I'm pretty satisfied with what i got. I see the value of Leviathan on the site is $52.00 so seeing that makes me feel like i got a pretty good deal. This is really based on luck, i like it though, pretty nice concept.

Great one shot

by -

I have added 1 blindbox to my orders a few times. Each time I have received objects worth much more then the 25 dollars however the last time I did this I made the mistake of ordering two and received multiple copies of the same item. So while I would suggest trying one I wouldn't order more then one at a time.

great for random animes

by -

Some times you get an anime higher than $25 and sometimes you get one that is lower. I got "kids on the slope" which was listed as $15 but it was also on sale at the time of looking up the price, so... lost about $10 but the anime looks interesting so I'll give it a try. I recommend this or the other ones at lower prices for just a random, interesting anime.

Great fun!


I got the gatchaman complete bluray set, I got really lucky because that thing's valued $100+

I've never been disappointed

by -

I always get these around Christmas as a gift to myself. I have always gotten great items from these. Once I received the complete Ultra edition of Irresistible Captain Tylor. I ordered some anime recently for my "staycation" in that order was my most recent $25 Blind Box that got me the Knights Of Sidonia Season 2 Premium Edition Blu-Ray/DVD Box Set. It was the perfect gift to get. A great surprise to start my vacation.

You most most likey not be disappointed (you may get duplicates)

by -

I have gotten 5 of these blind boxes, I got Devil Survivor 2 Blu- Ray and Dvd of which i've heard about but never scene which was cool. (sense i got the Dvd and Blu-Ray in 2 separate purchases that repetitiveness of a random is why it's 4 stars)

Love Chunibyo collectors edition (of which on amazon is over 300 dollars right now)

Beyond the Boundary Collector's edition (of which is 104 bucks),

and Kids on the slope (an anime i've never really heard of unless they referenced it in I Don't Have Many Friends).

I already had Love Chunibyo and Beyond the Boundary Collector's Editions but I liked both series enough to be ok with getting them again (the items i got also were all dubbed of which i prefer).

In total I got $531.14 worth of anime for the price of $120.00.

So if you want to try your luck at a mystery box, then seriously try this one!

Akame Ga Kill

by -

Alrighty this was my first time getting this and I was really nervous about what I could possibly get. I hit jackpot. I got Akame Ga Kill Collection 1 Limited Edition DVD, & Blueray. I screamed when I opened it, no joke. It was basically everything in the collectors edition except the outer box for everything. I had not yet bought Akame ga Kill, however I have fully watched the series and vowed to buy it. I will say this though, I bought an Akame ga Kill t-shirt with this purchase which may have influenced this blind box (Much to my happiness).


by -

I've bought three of these and I'm so happy with this. I've gotten the Akame Ga Kill collectors edition. It didn't come with the outside cover, but that's not a big deal to me. It's selling for 97 bucks here. Then, I got Hayate the Combat Butler Season 3 bluray. I'm super happy it was a blu ray. It's selling for 37 bucks on rightstuf. I mean, it would have been nice to get the first season since I've never seen it, but it's still super good! Lastly, I got Cluster Edge Collection 1 dvd. I'm a lot happier that this was the first season because it's easier to start watching it. This is currently selling for 37 bucks. This is such a good deal. This is such a good value! All of my things came in perfect condition. No marks or scratches on them. I will definitely be getting more. It's like opening a gift on Christmas.

Buy at your own risk..

by -

Ordered 3 of these and got 3 Sentai titles currently on sale for like $10 & I paid almost $60. Feel like I really wasted my money here. Last time I ordered some discounted $10 blind box items, that IMO were worth way more than these. I got an Eyeshield 21 dvd set, Kenshin new kyoto arc blu, Royal Space Force blu and Bodacious Space Pirates blu ray set 2 for substantially less than what I just paid on this order. I received Allison & Lillia Ultimate Collection (not that it matters but I've never even heard of this), Dog & Scissors dvd set, and Hayate The Combat Butler season 3 blu ray (honestly the only thing here that I even got CLOSE to a bargain price on). Feeling pretty bummed and cheated right now, especially since other people are getting like Akame Ga Kill collectors edition and have gotten other stuff like that in the past. I'm certainly pretty discouraged about potentially buying any more blind boxes again in the future..

WOW. Best $25 I've ever spent.

by -

WOW. I got pretty lucky with this box. $25 for Beyond the Boundary Bluray/DVD Combo pack Limited edition set. A great box to add if you're looking to complete the free shipping cost requirement. I wholeheartedly urge you to get this and test your luck.

Try your luck

by -

I got the complete DVD collection of Dog & Scissors. Not to my taste, but the price was less than RRP and it was a full series rather than a part 2, so it was a more than fair box. You always take a gamble with these kinds of blind boxes, so I would recommend them to people who want to try something unexpected, or those who have broad tastes.

A classic anime for one heck of a deal!

by -

I’m no sucker for buying any blind box items from Rightstuf because getting free shipping or just feeling lucky on my order. Yesterday, My order was delivered that contain a $25 Blind Box item and I was surprised that it was the Gatchaman: Complete Collection on Blu Ray! Normally it would be around $65-$100 one online sites, but I got this for $25 as blind box item and It was worth it since it is classic anime that helped superhero team anime series like Bubblegum Crisis, My Hero Academia, and plenty of others that inspired by Gatchaman. The discs are clean and not scratched, it came in a wrap for a added care, and the cases nicely ordered to make sure your not getting duplicate set. Overall, it was a well worth purchase and I’m happy to try getting it again since you’ll get some items in the $25 Blind Box that you'll normally wouldn’t imagine getting ( Last time I got Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun and I was really surprised and grateful that I got this series on both Blu Ray and DVD!).

Great Deal

by -

Bought this while it was on sale for $18 to meet the free shipping minimum. Expected something fun or surprising, did not expect to get an $80 value special edition of one of my favorite anime (that I didn't own) that was only missing its cover box (why it was bargain box).

Would buy again in a heartbeat

by -

I was super excited to try this. I saw some of the amazing things that other people got and decided to go for it. It was my first time ever buying a blind box.
I am going to write what I got so if you don't want to know, stop reading now. I ended up getting Saiyuki Gaiden: The complete OVA collection. While I've never seen/read anything in the Saiyuki universe, it was still a steal and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. Plus who knows, maybe it'll be my new favorite series.


by -

Bought this on special for $15. Got the Blu Ray of Flowers of Evil. Looking forward to trying out a new series.