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About $10 Blind Box Bargain Item

Need to top off your cart to receive free shipping? Like surprises? Just feeling lucky? Or all of the above?

Place a Blind Box Bargain in your shopping cart, and you will receive a "random mystery item" that will be a serious value for the dollar amount assigned to it* and...

Is anime, manga or Asia-related; Will be new and never previously handled; May be in Bargain Bin** condition: That is, it may have a cosmetic scratch or dent, including (but not limited to) a scratched case or cover, a wrinkle in the cover, or a dented case corner, but we warrant the item will otherwise work as intended; May be a single volume from a multi-volume set; and/or May be a random volume from a series.

If you buy large quantities of Blind Box Bargains, it is possible you may receive duplicate items. There is a finite number of different things in the Blind Box at any one time.

* Blind Box Bargains reflect the price you pay. You may receive just a single item or a grouping of bundled items. Regardless of what you receive you are guaranteed to get goodies which will be at least equal in value – or even substantially surpass the value – of your purchased Blind Box.

**Please note: All Blind Box Bargain sales are final and are not eligible for return. For more information about these and other Bargain Bin items, please read the FAQ.


  • Publisher: RIGHT STUF
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  • Release Date: 6/7/2010
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Misaki Chronicles


Got Divergence Eve Misaki Chronicles, complete collection. Never heard of it before but it looks to be an interesting story. 3 Slim DVD cases.

Not what I was expecting


This is my first time buying from rightstuf and also my first time buying a blind box. I read the reviews on all the blind box before I even made the choice to go with the $10 blind box. All the reviews stated that even if it's not a genre they cared for, they still got pretty interesting anime dvds. Today, I just got my order of two anime dvds and the one blind item, which happened to be an Asian movie called 'Punch'. Never heard of that movie before and reading the back of it, definitely not something I care for at all.

I understand that the item is chosen at random, even so, if the person ordered all anime. Wouldn't it be a good idea to choose a random anime or manga to put into the blind box? I don't even watch Asian movies and especially not about some guy encountering his mom. Looked up a trailer for this movie to see if I could give it a chance in liking it, no, definitely not. For $10, I'm disappointed and very put off on the blind box bargain. I thought for sure, even if it's random, they'd put in something of the same category that the person ordered, which in my case is anime.

Sorry to say, this was a risk I took and it was not worth it. Most likely won't be doing another blind box again, simply because I dislike paying that much money for something I will just completely not like at all. Thank you.

Very Nice Surprise!


I received One Piece DVD collection 8. Which actually has a value on this site of over 20 dollars. It's been a long time since I have had anything to do with One Piece so I am actually kind of happy that this is what I received. However, it means I will have to buy the previous 7 collections first!

$10 blind bargain box


This is the 1st time I've tried the $10 blind bargain box, and what I got is an anime I've heard good things about and have been wanting to see for awhile- Steins; Gate. I think I really lucked out with this because in my opinion, this is good.

Gantz Season 2


Well I got Gantz Season 2 Boxed set.

This is a 15$ item at this point and I managed to get the first season elsewhere for about 15$ so I still came in under the price of the entire series collection (about 26$) and I have a nice boxed set instead of a crammed pack. So this was pretty nice.

Though I shudder to imagine if some little kid got one of these packs and got Gantz.

Good Deal


Generally a good deal, and usually things are worth around twice as much as I paid. I've gotten a few duplicates, and a few things I'm not interested in, but I keep them around to trade, sell, or give away, so it's not that bad a problem.

Bought these on a few different occasions, so here's a list of everything so far:

Gasaraki: Complete Series
Antique Bakery: Complete Series
Punch - Live Action Movie
Magical Project S: Part 2
Ristorante Paradiso: Complete Series
Gantz: Season 2
Aria: The Animation - Season 3
Maria Watches Over Us - Seasons 2 & 4
Patlabor Movie - Limited Edition

Pretty good


Late last year I ordered some blind boxes. My 10 dollar one was Emma a Victorian romance season 2 collectors edition. It came in a nice box and also included a small art book. I would have rather gotten season 1 but I can't complain. It was still a pretty good deal.

Will Buy Again

by -

I grabbed this with Battle Angel Alita, and I was super happy to see I received the complete Mayo Chiki collection. A show I enjoyed but never really felt like spending the 30$ on to purchase. I will definitely grab this again. I'm very happy.

First time doing something like this, was pleasantly surprised


I've never bought a blind box before, but Rightstuf has been great for me so far, so I figured I'd give this a shot. I wound up receiving Antique Bakery from their 10 dollar blind box. I've never seen or heard of this series before, but it's part of the Nozomi collection (Nozomi is Rightstuf's publication side), which is generally a great sign. Its retail value is 30 dollars, so this turned out to be a pretty great deal!

I'm waiting on my 25 dollar blind box to come in now, and I'm hopeful that it'll exceed my expectations just like this box did.

I Got Seasons!!!!!!!!!


Okay first I have never done the blind box before, in fact didn't even know it existed till a week ago so I will be getting at least one of each in the future. Anyway my sister and I both got two $10 blind boxes each and here is what they were.

1) Moeyo Ken the Collection 13 episodes
2) Sweet Blue Flowers the series 11 episodes (Yuri or girl x girl)

1) Toward the Terra the movie
2) my beautiful girl mari the movie

I think I made off with the better deal but they were all anime so I am good with that. Don't recognize the series and am a little iffy on the movies so this gets four stars. However if we go by price getting any season, series, or collection of any anime for $10.00 or under is a fantastic bargain in my book. Oh and if you do buy this please post what you get in a review so others can see what their chances and odds could be (Me included).

not worth your time.


The rightstuf blindbox seems like a good idea in theory, but in practice it proves it is not. Well, not good for you, good for rightstuf. The blindbox is a way of keeping inventory moving, thus you are always going to get an item that isn't selling well at a "discount". The biggest "discount" i've recieved was $7, all the others were between $2-$5. Mind you, these are products that aren't selling well, incrimently raising the chances they are bad. Out of 8 blind box's, only one was a decent item I potentially would've purchased of my own volition. The other 7 were items nobody would buy, thus they were thrown into the blindbox bin so suckers would spend money on an item that normally wouldn't generate revenue. As customers, we are being decieved into thinking they are doing this to give us a cool deal when in reality they are the ones benefiting from the sale far more than the customer.

Disappointed but Overall Satisfied for the amount I paid for


I thought I'd give these blind boxes a try.
I am quite happy with what I got for the amount I paid for although I am quite disappointed as all of them are animes. I was hoping for other stuff, such as manga or keychains or bookmarks or action figures. I have not heard of most of these animes before and some were in the middle of them (not the first volume) so I would have to buy the previous volumes before I can even watch them. Disappointed in that but it is random so understandable.
I bought a few mixes of the $1, $5, and $10. They weren't labeled so I had to sort through and looked them up and try and determine which is which. I wasn't able to find a few of them on RightStuf though so I assumed they were in the lesser categories. They also looked older so that is where that came from.
I would buy them again just for the kicks but I hope next time they won't all be just animes.

Got an entire series and a blu-ray movie!


This is my first time ever ordering this item - I ordered two when they were on sale for $3.14 on pi day. I ended up receiving the anime Ristorante Paradiso, an entire series collection worth $29.99! My second item was This Boy Can Fight Aliens on blu-ray, which is worth $18! I was expecting disc 2 of a random series or the 8th issue of a manga I'd never heard of. I was so pleasantly surprised to receive two items that were stand-alone, and the value of the two items I got was the icing on the cake! I will definitely purchase again the next time I need a cart-topper. (:

Bought on pi day


$3.14 for a 10 dollar blind box sounded awesome so i bought 3 of them. I recieved 3 different full series: Boys Be..., Moeyo Ken TV, and Ristorante Paradiso. I have only watched an episode or 2 so far of each, but I can not say that i haven't liked what I have seen so far. Even if it were 10 dollars each, it was worth a lot more. I will definately consider doing this again.

Average Titles, fairly decent prices


It's random and bargain bin-ish so you can't buy this expecting the popular series (that actually sell out and don't stock up) to pop up at all, regardless I am still pretty happy with what I got even if many others have copies of the same.

1) Rental Magica Collection 2 (I wish this was at least the 1st collection, but strangely I dropped this series halfway years ago, so it gives me a reason to pick it up solely to finish it)
2) Boys Be (Right stuff's Nozomi edition, many others got this for the pi day deal I also did)
3) Ristorante Paradiso (another series many others got, but this is a pretty good show)
4) My Beautiful Girl Mari
5) Kurokami Bluray Vol 1. (thank goodness it was a volume 1 at least, and of a series I did enjoy)

I don't recommend any average buyer get this item unless you want to gamble or have a few bucks to throw away.



Bought a 10$ boxe and one of the items was a $5 Gundam movie. I thought I was supposed to get something of equal or higher value with this sort of thing. Oh well. Never buying this again

Fun item


I ordered the $10 blind box when it was on sale for $3, so I ended up ordering 3 and paying around $13 total. I ended up with 2 movies and a series. I hadn't heard of any of them, but either way, I am excited to check them out. It was fun opening the package and seeing what I got, and for a great price too. A great way to add to your collection for a great price.

$10 Blind Box; Decent Deal


This was my first time trying the $10 Blind Box and I'm satisfied for the most part. I took advantage of this and bought it when it was $3.14 on Pi Day (03/14/16). When you buy a blind box, you're taking a risk of getting something you might like or might not like, something that might be worth the $10 or more, or something worth less than $10. It's called Blind Box for a reason.

I was hoping to get a title I would already be familiar with, but I ended up getting an anime called Rental Magica (Collection 1 DVD Litebox). I'm a rare (kinda picky) person when it comes to watching anime (I prefer manga), but after reading the description and genre, I might just give this one a try. In terms of value, this has a retail price of $39.99 and a non-member price of $29.99 as listed on rightstuf. I'd say I got a pretty damn good deal for only $3.14.

I'll most likely be purchasing another Blind Box again, perhaps one of a different value ($1, $5, $25).

You're guaranteed to get something

by -

I bought two of these boxes and am mostly pleased. I received Rental Magica Part 2(an anime I had never heard of, but am pleased to know that I have a new series to look forward to) and the movie My beautiful girl Mari(which technically isn't anime since it is a Korean animation). You can't expect any popular anime/manga to appear, but it is likely that you might find a series that you've never heard of(like myself) and hopefully you'll enjoy it(plus you only pay $10).

A Great Way to Find New Anime

by -

Now, this deal might also include manga, but with the two I ordered, all I got was anime. And I am more than satisfied.

I received only series that have no second season, aren't to cliche' (or so they seem) et cetera, et cetera.

In all, something like this is definitely worth giving a shot. I thought it was a spectacular deal.

A lot of anticipation wasted


I bought one of these on Pi Day, and at the time wished that I had gotten more, but now I'm kind of glad I didn't. I realize this is a blind box so it's completely random, but after seeing reviews from people stating that they had received full or half seasons of decent to really good anime, I was excited to get mine. I received it today, and my anticipation built as I pulled volumes of manga from the box, each one bringing me closer to what I hoped was some new and hopefully awesome anime that I could watch. Instead, lurking at the bottom of my box, I found Death Kappa. It's a Japanese movie and a $14.99 DVD on the site so it falls within the given parameters, and there was never any guarantee that it would be something great, but after seeing what others got I'm disappointed. That being said, I will possibly give it another go, especially if RS does another deal on them, or try one of the lower priced ones. Maybe my luck will be better a second time. It can't always be bad, right?

$10 Dollar Blind Box

by -

just opened one of these and i got.

This Boy Can Fight Aliens Blu Ray.

Burned big time! :(

by -

The movie I received from the blind box special was the worst anime I have EVER seen. Garbage! I am not sure what trash bin this came from but I won’t be blind enough to take another chance on this “so-called” deal. The plot was purely ignorant; a child in kindergarten could have done a better job. This Boy Can Fight Aliens was the title received. I should have known I would not get something of quality like Cowboy Bebop or Ghost in the Shell, etc.

Bind box

by -

Okay for the lucky people their gonna get the good stuff. I got blue flower and kobato vol2. Now look thiis is all random so you take a risk but for me i got bad shows. So be careful.

If you're not a gambling man then don't bother. I, however, am

by -

Blind boxes are a gamble any way you cut it. I've done special blind orders (H manga) with Right Stuf before and felt like i scored a big win, this time I felt it was pretty decent.

I received Gundam SEED Destiny: The Shattered World with a collector box to collect the other TV movies.

Kobato which was on my watch list years ago but I never got around to it, unfortunately its vol.2 so its episodes 13-24

Toward the Terra which is apparently based off a really good manga but the reviews I read were eh about it so I'm waiting to watch with a few friends.

Overall not a bad haul, definitely jealous of the guy who got Gantz tho haha