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About $1 Donation to Kyoto Animation

With regards to the incident which occurred on Thursday, July 18, 2019 at Kyoto Animation, the company has received thousands of voices of support from people all over the world and will do its best to rebuild. Kyoto Animation has prepared a deposit account for the support money and, here at Right Stuf Anime, we wanted to make it easier for anime fans to donate to Kyoto Animation through our Donation Option. Depending on your bank, a wire transfer can cost up to $50. To help alleviate the charges, Right Stuf Anime will cover the cost of the one-time international wire transfer by collecting all the donations in one lump sum. We will be accepting donations until August 31, 2019 and will also be making a contribution ourselves to help with Kyoto Animation's recovery process.

With the use of the support money, Kyoto Animation intends to support the families who lost loved ones or who are receiving medical treatment, plus the reconstruction of the company. With regard to the funds Kyoto Animation has received, they will report on the balance for the purpose of transparency. In addition, the method and timing of the income and expenditure report are currently under consideration.

About The Program: When you donate today, 100% of your contribution goes to Kyoto Animation. We foot the bill for administrative tasks, processing fees, paperwork, and receipts. Every dollar you donate will also count towards free shipping on your overall order!

Donations are in $1 increments. Simply change the quantity to the number of dollars you would like to donate to this cause. There's no minimum or limit on the number of $1 donations you can make, so it's a great way to save money while doing something great. Information about your donation to Kyoto Animation can be found at www.kyotoanimation.co.jp

Note: Donations count towards free shipping.


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A meaningful option for free shipping

by -

Considering the unfortunate circumstances that this item is made available for, this is a safe and guaranteed way to ensure that your entire donation to support the efforts to recover from it.

The nice side benefit from this purchase is that it also contributes to your total purchase for free economic shipping; so if you're just shy of that quota, purchase yourself some long lasting good karma and become that hero that the world needs without putting a huge dent your bank account.

Kyoto Animation Donation

by -

It takes a good deed such as donation to give for others. The incident at the Kyoto Animation Studios is tragic and my heart goes to those who have lost their lives in this recent tragedy.

Keeping a complex donation simple

by -

Thank you for doing this and making it simple to donate.

A good idea

by -

I can't state the pleasure KyoAni has given me — the number of times I've watched Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions alone is hard to count — and I know many many other anime fans will feel similarly. I encourage everyone to donate as a small act of love and gratitude. Thanks to RightStuf for organizing this.

Making A Difference For KyoAni!

by -

News on this terrible tragedy has made headlines around the world including Canada. Thanks to RightStufANIME.com for making this donation as simple that I decided to help out with my recent online order. It's not too late to lend a hand to Kyoto Animation for them to recover, Two Thumbs Up!

Kyoto Animation Donation

by -

Thank you for giving me a chance to donate to Kyoto Animation.

Kyoto Animation is an amazing studio and I hope the studio will recover in due time.

A great way to help. Thanks Rightstuf and all supporters


Just a great way to help Kyoto Animation with all that happened

Glad to support this action

by -

I am glad to see Right Stuf stepping in to help here and happy that I could make a donation. For those who survived and. need treatment it is no. joke, I speak from experience, though. I was lucky. so only have 35% of my body marked by burn scars. for the families who died all help will. e appreciated so donate what you can.

stay strong

by -

I'm sure we all want to express our sympathy, and you are not alone Kyoto animation.