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About $1 Blind Box Bargain Item

Need to top off your cart to receive free shipping? Like surprises? Just feeling lucky? Or all of the above?

Place a Blind Box Bargain in your shopping cart, and you will receive a "random mystery item" that will be a serious value for the dollar amount assigned to it* and...

Is anime, manga or Asia-related; Will be new and never previously handled; May be in Bargain Bin** condition: That is, it may have a cosmetic scratch or dent, including (but not limited to) a scratched case or cover, a wrinkle in the cover, or a dented case corner, but we warrant the item will otherwise work as intended; May be a single volume from a multi-volume set; and/or May be a random volume from a series.

If you buy large quantities of Blind Box Bargains, it is possible you may receive duplicate items. There is a finite number of different things in the Blind Box at any one time.

* Blind Box Bargains reflect the price you pay. You may receive just a single item or a grouping of bundled items. Regardless of what you receive you are guaranteed to get goodies which will be at least equal in value – or even substantially surpass the value – of your purchased Blind Box.

**Please note: All Blind Box Bargain sales are final and are not eligible for return. For more information about these and other Bargain Bin items, please read the FAQ.


  • Publisher: RIGHT STUF
  • Media: Unclassified Products
  • Release Date: 6/7/2010
  • Dimensional Weight: 1

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Great Value!


I recieved volume one of an anime titled Best Student Council. It isn't readily available on this site but checking prices elsewhere, it was a bargain! RightStuf's blind boxed items are always amazing! If you are thinking about doing it, I really suggest it!

Hit and Miss


I have bought this blind box 8 times and here is what I have received from it
Cromartie High School Volume 1 Contains 4 episodes
2x Ah My Goddess Season 2 Volume 1
Full Metal Panic Second Barrage Volume 1
Welcome to the NHK Volume 1
Viewtiful Joe Volume 1 with action figure
Best Student Council Volume 1

If you want an random anime this is probably what you want so far I have always gotten volume 1 although for Ah My Goddess it was season 2 but at least it was volume 1 of that season.



I love buying these. I like the surprise and finding something good that I usually wouldn't look for :) Great value!

Second time around is just as good!


This time I received Kaleido Star Volume 1 - Welcome to the Kaleido Stage. I love this series and have saw every episode OVA's and movies. Once again a retail value of $29.99 for $1.00. Amazing and I will order it every time I order. I will also try the $5.00 blind box in my next order.

Very Nice Value


I was curious about the blind box and decided to order it. I received 009-1 DVD 2 (Hyb). I was very happy a few reasons. One is that I already saw this anime and enjoy it a lot. Another was that I was going to buy this disc and lastly the same dvd is retailed at $29.98 and still goes for that price on other sites. You will not be disappointed. Try it out

Literally a blind box bargain! =D


This was my first blind box purchase, and I received Pani Poni Dash volume 1 on DVD!! If you haven't tried these blind boxes, what are you waiting for!? =D Thank you Rightstuf for being awesome!

Love these

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I will say you definitely get your moneys worth. i have gotten some dvds that have helped me with my collection :)

Worth a try, but not exactly impressive.

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I encourage people to give this blind box a try, but I didn't really think it was worth it for the item I got. The anime I got was mainly geared for a much younger audience, basically a mediocre rip off of yu-gi-oh. What was even more annoying was that, with shipping, it came out to be 5 dollars. I checked on the store, and it came out to be the same price as buying it directly. I probably won't even watch the damn thing because its just not for me. Overall, I am disappointed, but I will probably try the blind box again just for the thrills. Just be warned, you have a chance of getting something you won't like. However, it is pretty cheap, so I think you should at least try it once.

Blind Box

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Hello all. I just got my Blind box surprises from the single $1.00 blind box. I got Rightstuf.com posties, bookmark and a anime dvd called Huntik secrets & Sabers volume 1: Golem of Prague. It wasnt really my thing but still a great prize for the money i put into it :D Also this series looks to be good for younger kids :) from what i have seen so far. I look forward to trying out the other blind boxes :D in the future for sure :D I LOVE surprises :D

Really disappointed honestly


So I decided to buy 5 of these because why not, they're $1 but upon arrival I was extremely disappointed. I received the first volume of Genshiken 2, as well as "Huntik: Secrets and Seekers" and THREE (3) GUNGRAVE MAGNETS. They aren't even big, they're like 2 inches by 1. And I'm a fan of gungrave but what am i going to do with magnets? And don't even get me started on Huntik. It is literally not even an anime or japan related in the slightest. From wikipedia "Country of origin: Mexico, Italy, United States" funny how japan isn't listed there. Gah, I'm really mad at this as a whole. Would not recommend, especially considering that they advertised it as "Is anime, manga or Asia-related" and yet it was literally none of those.



I enjoyed my experience with this. I think people don't really understand that it's not guaranteed they get something they like. You simply buy these bargain items knowing that you should enjoy receiving something completely weird and random.
I received
a Ranma 1/2 key-chain
a Kodocha key-chain
2 Shinobi DVDs
Robotech VOL 9

Defiantly worth the money


This is really worth purchasing I got a persona 4 golden animation bundle of goodies that came with cosplay buttons, a cleaning cloth, exclusive cards from the game and some stickers. Very satisfied with purchase

Blind Box, $1 and the Pie day one,


I have bought blind box twice, with different prices. The Items came at a nice speed and the items were undamaged. I however was not excited about the anime I received, but that is a personal optioning, I got a dvd vol of a anime I don't like and the complete set of an anime I never watched and do no want to watch. This of course, is always a possibility when buying something random; so I'd recommend buying BLIND BOX just for the surprise, but ONLY if you are also buying something else--because shipping the blind box on it's own is like 3 bucks. The pie day BLIND BOX also came with sticky notes and NARUTO: THE LAST advertisement hard card-which for me made it worth it to get.

$1 Dollar Blind Box

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i just opened one of these and it contained.


About what you would expect overall


So far I've got three $1 tiers.
From like 2 or so years ago.
1. Sugar fairy DVD. Not too terrible but not really my thing.
2. A Rosario Vampire Holgram Card. This was just total crap, but hey they can't all be winners.

1. Got Volume 4 of Anima manga. While it doesn't look too bad as far as the shounen genre is concerned the corner was a bit dinged up (not really that big a deal since this is expected). However it being from Tokyopop and it being volume 4 is a bit of a downer, since Tokyopop is dead and thus even if i really like it it would probably be impossible to complete. Again though not terrible and the story segment at least seems mostly self contained so it can be read on its own.

I spent a dollar and got a random anime

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For $1 I got 2 episodes of an OVA series that looks like a knock off Evangelion before Evangelion came out. The DVD was still in perfect condition. If you like the thrill of getting something random than this is for you. If you don't care for that sort of thing, well, it'll look decent on your shelf!

I spent a dollar and got a random anime

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For $1 I got 2 episodes of an OVA series that looks like a knock off Evangelion before Evangelion came out. The DVD was still in perfect condition. If you like the thrill of getting something random than this is for you. If you don't care for that sort of thing, well, it'll look decent on your shelf!

blind box of awesome

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i always love the blind boxes its always fun to find something new plus you cant go wrong with a 1 dollar blind box with anime

Very Satisfied

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Don't know what to expect! Could be an anime dvd or a japanese film,who doesn't love a good mystery? :D



I bought one about two weeks ago and all I got was a mousepad and some of those thin plastic pads you can use to write stuff. Having seen people get DVDs and manga, I feel kinda disappointed that I didn't get any of those.


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I def. got a bad batch of blind boxes. The dvds I got were bad shows, I did get wallflowers manga number 26, any manga is a good deal, but I gotta now collect 25 other issues before I can read that one. The 1 dollar toys i received were the best value. I got a super cute key chain and a lupin toy car figure set. so cute. loved them, but i probably wont due this again.

Awesome for free shipping

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Random box and it is great for free shipping! dont get mad though sometimes it is amazing and sometimes you get what you pay for !

Worth the price

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So first of all, I got these from my first purchase ( I bought $3 worth) :
- Tiny Titans (A DC comics)
- Moribito Vol 5 (DVD - Retail price: $25, Member Price $2)
- The twelve Kingdoms Vol.2 (Novel - Retail price: $17, Member price: $5.39)
And I gotta say, it was very well worth it for $1! The fun part is, you don't know what's coming and you'll save a lot of money. Try it out, you definitely won't lose anything. :D

Take a Chance on the Clearance Rack

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If you buy this you will certainly get an item that is technically valued at more than $1 but you may very well get something that you would see as completely worthless. As a way to top off a basket to get free shipping, or just a random purchase because you are "feeling lucky," this is really a great idea and a great deal.

With that having been said, you are basically getting something from the Clearance section of the website so if you want to have a general sense of what you might get that's a good place to look. At the $1 mark you are most likely going to get either a single volume of a manga (more often than not some random number later in a series) or a DVD (likely a B-rated live action movie but you might get a random anime DVD - though again, most likely an issue later in a series). On average I would like to think that people would be happy with what they receive but there is no question that you may get a box full of stuff that will go right in the trash bin.

Worth it


I love it! I bought ten of these got 1 Fullmetal Alchemist Profiles, 8 manga, and 1 DVD that I don't really like it's not even an anime :( I hope I get anime dvd's next time :)