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About $1 Adult Blind Box Bargain Item

Need to top off your cart to receive free shipping? Like surprises? Just feeling lucky? Into Adult Products? Or all of the above?

Place an Adult Blind Box Bargain Item in your shopping cart, and you will receive a "random mystery item" that will be a serious value for the dollar amount assigned to it* and...

Is hentai anime, hentai manga or live-action adult videos (Note: may not be Japanese); Will be new and never previously handled; May be in Bargain Bin** condition: That is, it may have a cosmetic scratch or dent, including (but not limited to) a scratched case or cover, a wrinkle in the cover, or a dented case corner, but we warrant the item will otherwise work as intended; May be a single volume from a multi-volume set; and/or May be a random volume from a series.

If you buy large quantities of Blind Box Bargains, it is possible you may receive duplicate items. There is a finite number of different things in the Blind Box at any one time.

* Blind Box Bargains reflect the price you pay. You may receive just a single item or a grouping of bundled items. Regardless of what you receive you are guaranteed to get goodies which will be at least equal in value – or even substantially surpass the value – of your purchased Blind Box.

**Please note: All Blind Box Bargain sales are final and are not eligible for return. For more information about these and other Bargain Bin items, please read the FAQ.


  • Publisher: RIGHT STUF
  • Media: Unclassified Products
  • Genre: Erotica
  • Age Rating: 18+
  • Release Date: 4/18/2016
  • Dimensional Weight: 0.33

Trying out something new and different

by -

This was my first purchase from Rightstuf. I've heard a lot of good feedback about them and I wanted to give it a try. So I ordered a few $1 blind boxes and it was a very pleasant surprise. The adult blind boxes included DVDs from Elfen Lied, UFO Ultramaiden, and Gantz. I've never seen any of these shows before. It was fun to try something new and different. I am definitely going to order from them again. I also enjoyed their B-rated films.

More than you would expect.

by -

i have always enjoyed buying Blind Boxes from Rightstuf you just never know what you will get. When i saw that they had an adult blind box i figured what the heck ill try it. i got a few AG magazine's and a couple of Manga's !

A Fun Purchase!

by -

I never purchase any of these blind boxes because they've never really interested me, but when I saw that Riightstuf had "Adult" blind boxes, my curiosity got the better of me. So I purchased two of these $1 blind boxes. Not a huge loss if I don't like it, no big deal.

Needless to say I was pretty surprised with what I got. I got two issues AG magazine, which is an anthology of hentai manga (yes, it is uncensored). I knew I was getting something rated for ages 18+, but what surprised me is that Rightstuf seems to take your past purchases into consideration when picking your blind box. I order nothing but manga from Rightstuf, so of course they thought I would like getting the hentai manga. And I'll be honest, that's what I was hoping to get!

Was it worth it? I sure think so. It's actually kind of fun not knowing what you'll get. Just don't expect something too amazing when purchasing one of the cheaper boxes. But hey, one man's trash is another man's treasure.

I saved 15 Dollars!! :D

by -

This is my first adult blind box purchase and I got a Sinners Paradise: Revelations DVD! The awesome thing about it is that on other stores, it costs $16 so I saved $15 on this bargain. I am thankful and I will buy again soon. Definitely try it out guys, it is worth it! :D

Was as described I suppose...

by -

I ordered 5 of these and 5 of the regular one since I love stuff like these. Can't say I was very satisfied with it though. I got 3 copies of some old porn (2 of which were duplicates) that I have no interest in. I did get 2 copies of AG magazine which was nice. It was uncensored too You'd think that since all of it was put into a single box, they would try not to put any duplicates, but oh well. I did read the description, but was hoping It would be more on the anime/hentai side. Couldn't bring myself to give it a 5 even though it was as described. It wasn't a huge loss though. Maybe I'll try again at a higher tier sometime.

A classic hentai manga at random!

by -

Received the 6th volume of the LA Blue Manga. Kinda cool to get a old classic at random. just wish i could get all the volumes. Since Rightstuf is still selling Vol. 4 & 5 i might have to pick those up.

Not all have cool stuff


I bought several of these during a sale and was left feeling like C. Brown on Halloween. I ended up with over a dozen d grade Japanese horror films. I haven't bought a thing from Rightstuf since.

do not order

by -

the first time i ordered it was nice little suprise. but my last purchase i ordered 4. when i received it today i got 4 manga and 3/4 was the exact same manga (book 5) and the other (book 6). like WTF i knew that it was a random item but you might want to make sure that they would all be different items. or if they didnt have the stock an email saying so would be nice. also this particular set would be unreadable cause i dont have book 1-4. at least send me the first for instead of book 5,5,5 and 6. very disappointed.

VERY Old Hentai Magazine

by -

Bought this because I was curious what I would get. Looks like most $1 adult blind boxes are just AG magazines (discontinued in 2009). There are both good and bad hentai in the magazine, but I don't like how I got something that's been sitting in a warehouse for 8+ years (w/o packaging).

No anime here...

by -

Your most likely to get a magazine henti of some sort or if you lucky a hentai manga volume of a series. (which is rare only happened once for me) If your unlucky you will get some kind of black and white American 50's or 60's movies that advertises adult content but you get no naked shots what so ever. Why its acceptable to get this on a site that advertises Japanese merchandise idk. Also there is risk for duplicates.

Despite the down sides you are paying $1 per item and anything you get is definitely worth at least $1. So if you want henti without really investing in it I would recommend this.

A Mixed Surprise

by -

As awesome as this blind box is, I was a bit down because of one of the items I got wasn't something within my lewd interests.
Once again it would be nice for the buyer to choose the genre of blind box before gambling a dollar, but then again sometimes a gamble can be worth it especially introducing something new to someone

Buy at your own risk. You’ll get what you pay for.


I bought some of these to reach free shipping during the April Fools promotion most of it was old, out-of-date horror movies, the kind you’d pick up when the good ones were gone and had to find something. There were two videos out of the ones purchased that seemed worth it, a Korean drama and a English one as well that were values more than the boxes I bought combined. The good news was that there were not any duplicate items. Bad news, there’s a reason they were sent to the $1 bargain bin. Buy at your own risk.

It’s okay

by -

Figured I’d try my luck with this. Kind of hoped for more reading material but got a Hentai DVD instead. There’s no damage done to it. The DVD isn’t exactly one I enjoy. I would order a blind box again though.

Dissapointed kid at Christmas..

by -

I agree with the person that said d grade horror films.. :( I ordered 4 of these and I was hoping for hentai or anything then what I got. "Where Were They" which has nothing to do with anime, manga, Asian. I also got horror movies I mean I guess that's adult but there should be a blind box dedicated to horror and not thrown in with adult. I think they closed their eyes and swiped something off the shelf.

Great bargain.

by -

Pretty good bargain. Couple of random asian movies, couple of random hentai dvds, a manga and some adult cards. I feel like i got my money's worth, plus it was fun and cheap to buy.