Right Stuf Anime FAQ

You have questions? We've got answers or at least that is our hope. There are questions that get asked a million times a day (well at least once). Here's a few and our best guess, I mean answer. However if our best guess wasn't good enough you can (and should) still contact us if your question isn't on here, our Anime-zing staff will love to hear from you!

General Questions

Ratings System

To benefit our customers, we have implemented an age rating system for many of our products based on our staff's knowledge of each title's content, as well as input from the various anime suppliers.


Generally acceptable for children. No Nudity. Possible mild violence.

12+, 13+

May contain violence, brief nudity, and/or mild language. May suggest sexual situations, but no situations are shown. Parental discretion advised.

15+, 16+, 17+

Strong violence and strong language. Prevalent Nudity may be contained within the picture. Mild sexual situations may be shown.


Extreme violence, Explicit Nudity, and/or Extreme Language may be contained in the picture. May contain sexually explicit material. Absolutely not for anyone under 18 years of age.

Please note: Ratings used within our system are oftentimes provided by the manufacturer of the product. Because of the differences in ratings used by these companies, we have combined their systems, with the descriptions of the ratings listed above. Right Stuf Anime does not set ratings (except for its own products) and is not responsible for errors, omissions, or inaccurate ratings. These ratings are guidelines only, and are subject to change.

Running Time / Video Length

Under the age rating of each item, you will see the approximate running time listed for each video. Depending on the manufacturer, running times may or may not include extra bonus features such as previews.

Edited and Uncut

Although many fans screech in horror at the very thought of altering the original Japanese version of a show, for a series to make it to American TV (or even into some retail stores) they must often be edited. This means that scenes containing nudity, excessive violence, blood, and foul language are altered or even totally removed. Anime purists may want the original in all its glory, but parents of young TV viewers do not. Manufacturers recognized this and often release both the Edited (TV Version) and the Uncut (Original Version) of the show.

Release Dates

If an item has not yet been released, you may see a release date listed. However, manufacturers can (and often do) change these release dates due to production delays. If you are ordering an item with a future release date and are concerned whether this item is on schedule, please feel free to check the item's release date through its online listing, contact Customer Care at 1-800-338-6827, or fill out a contact form on our Contact Us page.

In order to get your product to you on or before the available release date as listed, it is possible that your product will ship several days or even weeks before the date provided. We strive to get your purchase to you as quickly as we possibly can! So be aware that your card may be charged prior to the date listed.

If a product in our Online Store is delayed by the manufacturer, we will update the item listing to the new date that is provided. Sometimes manufacturers move product to an 'indefinitely delayed' status. If that is the case, we may remove the listing from the site but hold or cancel your open order depending on the circumstances of the delay.


The digital "mosaic" effect is sometimes placed over the relevant bits during a particularly adult sequence prior to the title being exported from Japan. When we are aware that a particular volume or title has this effect, we'll mark it as Mosaic in the item listing.

Why do you charge for your catalog?

In order to keep producing a printed catalog, we charge a small fee to offset printing and mailing costs (but don't you think it's worth it?) However, we often include coupons in the catalog that will get your money right back to you on your next order!

Will I get your next catalog?

If you've ordered something from us in the last six (6) months, you will automatically receive the new catalog when it is available. If not, you may find that you'll stop receiving catalogs (and you will have to send us the current catalog fee to reactivate your catalog status).

How often does your catalog come out?

We release our catalog three times a year!

Why don't you carry more imports? What's with the surcharge?

Limited availability of imports means that often we have difficulty securing a supply, and sometimes the products cannot be guaranteed to make it to us. We continue to expand our selection of import items as we work to secure stock. As many of these items are very large, but don't weigh that much, they are subject to dimensional shipping costs. This extra cost is included in the surcharge fee on the item. Additionally, some items may not be eligible for shipment to some locations due to dimensional weight or vendor restrictions.

Why don't you have <Title Here> Audio Soundtrack CD from Japan?

Um...I know I'm getting bad at geography, but I'm pretty sure that's an import - see above question regarding imports. You also might want to check our Music CD section because a number of titles have been released domestically.

I really want to learn Japanese... What resources do you have?

There are a number of books in the catalog and on the website, which might be of interest - particularly "Basic Japanese Through Comics" and "The Anime Companion 2." The Internet is also an excellent resource and you might check with local school districts and community colleges to see if they have any courses available.

The New Site

What are some new features on the new store?

For starters, you can find items a lot easier with our Enhanced Search and Quick View functions, as well as our new special sections devoted to new releases, pre-order items, clearance items, and more! You can also keep track of items however you want with our My Product Lists! Plus, we can now take PayPal. You can find more details on all these features and more right here.

Have your shipping policies changed at all?

Yep, we've moved to a weight-based shipping policy instead of charging on a per-item basis. Click here to learn more about shipping and other store policies!

Are my open orders still active?

Yes! All your open orders placed with us from 2013 to date for backordered items or items that have not yet been released are still open. You can find them by going to the "My Account" drop-down menu, and selecting "Order History" in the "Order" submenu. Additionally, all the orders you've placed this year should also appear in your order history, even if they've already been fulfilled. If you think your order history is missing open orders between 2013 and now, please contact our Customer Care team and they can help look into your account.

How do I narrow down or expand my item search?

We have over 150 facets for item categories, publishers, genres, themes, age ratings, and more. You can use these facets to narrow down your search results, or widen your parameters. For example, if you want to search for comedy anime titles on Blu-ray from Sentai Filmworks that have a slice-of-life theme, you can! And if you want to expand that search to include more titles, just check more facets to add titles in other formats or genres, containing other themes, coming from other publishers, etc.

Why aren't my old bookmarks working?

Because our URL is now www.rightstufanime.com, the vast majority of our old pages will be redirected to our new URL. You'll need to update your bookmarks accordingly. If you go to an old URL and are not redirected to our new site, please let us know by contacting our Customer Care team.

Where are the Weekly Specials?

You can find our Weekly Specials by going to our new Weekly Specials Search!

Where did my "Save for Later" list go?

We were able to bring over a great many of the Save for Later lists. Check your Product Lists for a list that is named "Saved For Later 123456" or something similar.  Or, you can begin creating your own list or lists. You can keep track of items you want to save for later, items that aren't yet available for purchase, and more. Since you can have multiple product lists, you can organize items you want to keep track of however you want!

What happened to the Anime Today forums?

The Anime Today forums are no longer active. However, we are now sponsoring the Anime Nation forums, which many of our Anime Today users migrated to. The Anime Nation is very friendly and welcoming, so check it out and join the conversation!

Where did the "You've Bought This" feature go on individual item pages?

We aren't able to carry that feature over. However, you can keep track of items you've purchased by creating a Product List for items you already own, and you can also view all the items you've ordered from 2015 to date by looking at your order history, as well as your open orders from 2013 to present.

Where did the "In the News" section go?

Our "In the News" section is gone, but you can check out our newest items with our new faceted search by sorting items by release date from newest to oldest! You can also stay up to date with what's going on at Right Stuf by liking us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter and Tumblr.

Product Information

What is an OVA (OAV)?

This means Original Video Animation. In normal terms, this means a direct to video release.

What is the difference between the ‘Edited' TV episodes and the regular ones that are listed?

One was shown on TV! This varies depending on the show. Many times the TV episodes are censored. (The TV execs hate doing it as much as you hate them doing it) Censoring is done to coincide with the regulations that TV broadcasters must abide by. This can involve the removal of Nudity, Excessive Violence, Blood (sometimes just a change from red to green makes a difference), and the naughty words. The non-TV versions often times have the episodes in their original form and you get to see the show as the producers intended. You can note this by "TV version," "Toonami," or "Edited" in the item listing.

Is <insert title> CC or Closed-Captioned?

While the standard answer would be yes for most titles, not all shows are given the CC treatment. If we know that a title is CC, we have tried to mark it as such. If you're still unsure of a particular title, please feel free to give us a call or drop an email in our box.

Why are some products listed as (D), (S) or (Hyb)?

Although Blu-Rays and DVDs allow for the possibility of dual language anime, it is not always possible or economical to license a title for dual language release in the States. So, you end up with manufacturers releasing Subtitle Only (S) or Dubbed Only (D) discs. Subtitled discs display the dialogue on the bottom of the screen while the actual voices are still in Japanese. Dubbed means the music (probably) is intact, but the voices have been redone in English. You might also see (Hyb) which means that both the subtitled and dubbed versions are available on the same disc.

I saw this show that I think might have been Japanese Animation. Do you have it?

We get questions like this all the time in the company email box. If you can give us enough information, someone can usually identify the program. Please understand, though, that if you ask us about something where "there's a girl who's like a magic user, a guy with a sword who has big hair, and a villain who wants to take over the universe, and I think there are some cat girls in it" there's a problem. This describes about half the films ever made. Also, knowing what a series or movie is doesn't mean that it's available in the US as a licensed product, but it's likely that it is.

Can we special order series not on the website?

Simply put: If it isn't on our website, we are not carrying this title, or it has not yet been released domestically. We carry all titles which have been given a domestic release and which are in print.

I saw some titles are listed REALLY low - like just $5!! - Are these prices right?

Yes, they are. Occasionally, we are able to get an incredible buy on some products. When we do, we pass those savings along to you. This is called our Clearance Section. Many times, super-specials such as these are available in limited quantities only, but they do have the same guarantees as any other items.

What is Region Coding?

Region coding is a geographical restriction for DVDs and Blu-ray discs. Since players are region specific, you need to make sure that the item you purchase is coded for the same region as your player. All DVDs and Blu-ray discs we sell are region coded for the United States.

What region is your DVD player?

If you purchased your player from a retail outlet in the U.S., it should be Region 1 for DVD players and Region A for Blu-ray players. You can check the region coding on your player by looking for the region code symbol on the player's packaging.

DVD Region Codes:

  1. United States and Canada
  2. Europe, including France, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Arabia, Japan and South Africa
  3. Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Borneo and Indonesia
  4. Australia and New Zealand, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America
  5. India, Africa, Russia and former USSR countries
  6. People's Republic of China

Blu-ray disc Region Codes:

  1. The Americas, Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia
  2. Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand
  3. Russia, India, China and the rest of world

Will a Blu-ray disc play in my DVD player?

Just as CDs and DVDs require different types of players, so do DVDs and Blu-ray discs. In order to play a Blu-ray disc, you must have a special Blu-ray player or a Playstation 3.

Will a DVD play in my Blu-ray player?

While some Blu-ray players will also read DVDs, not all do. We cannot guarantee that all DVDs will play in your Blu-ray player. If you have an issue, consider updating your play's firmware. This may take care of the problem.

Can my DVD play in a Playstation / Xbox / personal computer?

It depends on the DVD. There have been instances of some DVDs having difficulty playing in certain players. While the vast majority of DVDs will work just fine, we cannot guarantee all DVDs will play correctly on your Playstation, Xbox or personal computer.

Why does THIS DVD look so much nicer than THAT DVD?

Like many things, it's the talent of the people who did the mastering. Although the format supports a very high quality image, the preparation of the material determines how good the final will actually look. This can also be seen in many non-anime DVD's that came out the door first.

What is Print on Demand?

Some books are marked "Print On Demand." This means they are part of the Right Stuf Print on Demand program, and are printed to meet orders. The paper quality used is higher than that of "regular" manga, but they may take extra time to ship if we do not have any copies already in stock.

What is a Viridian Collection, Anime Classics, S.A.V.E., etc.?

Certain DVD and Blu-ray items are marked with names such as "Viridian Collection," "S.A.V.E. Edition," etc. These are re-releases of the original discs at lower prices. However, these editions may or may not include all of the features that were found on the original releases. If you are concerned that the item you are considering may not contain the features that you want, please check the item's listing through our online store or feel free to contact Customer Care.

Clearance Items

Clearance Deals: What Are They? How Are They Possible?

Right Stuf's Clearance Section includes items sold at drastically reduced prices to slim down excess inventory. These items are new and have never been previously owned.

In most cases, these great deals are passed on to you, the customer, because publishers have been left with a surplus quantity of a particular product. This may be caused by producing too many copies to match current demand, the need to make room for newer merchandise, or from inventory other retailers have returned to the publisher for credit. Therefore, some items have been handled a few times previously, but they are still in great condition.

What Does "Previously Handled" Mean?

As mentioned above, some items in the Clearance Section have been returned to the publisher by other retailers. Even though they are new, previously unowned items, some may have been lightly scratched and/or scuffed during the return process. Below is a list of some of the possible flaws an item may have:

  • scratched case or cover
  • a wrinkle in the cover
  • a dented case corner
  • the item may be a single volume from a multi-volume set
  • a remainder mark on the UPC or across the page edges

Item listings in the Clearance Section are not specifically noted with every possible handling issue. Structurally, each item is in excellent condition prior to shipping, with no loose discs, for example. Collectors should be warned that, due to these extreme price cuts, "mint condition" cannot be guaranteed for Clearance items.

Some items may have stickers from other retailers on the outer protective film. (For example, a sticker over the barcode on a DVD's packaging.) Stickers are never stuck on the actual item and may be shipped to you still on the outer protective film. In almost all cases, they can be easily removed upon receipt of your order.

Our Clearance Items Guarantee

We stand behind our Clearance products with the hope these great savings will help you expand your collection. These discounted products are structurally sound and good for everyday playing/reading.

Please Note: Sales from the Clearance section are final with no returns accepted for the cosmetic conditions listed above. If you feel you have received an item that is damaged beyond the above conditions, please see ourReturning Merchandise Policy.

Series Related Questions

What are some good shows for young children?

Although this is truly a matter of personal preference, we recommend Totoro, Kiki's, Pokemon, Kimba, and Astro Boy for young anime fans. You might also consider the Sanrio titles like Hello Kitty. Look for the "ALL" age rating in item listings for child-friendly titles.

Why isn't <insert title here> available in the US?

You might be surprised to find out how much of anime is available in the US. Of the few titles that remain unlicensed, some titles have their rights disputed, or licensors want more money than a title can possibly generate in this market, and, of course, some are currently in negotiation. With the exception of a few TV series (which are a different matter entirely, due to their length), this just about covers it. We do not sell fan subs of non-licensed products, or pirated copies of licensed programs.

Customer Care Questions

What are your hours?

If the President had his way, we would be chained to our desks 24 hours a day. Luckily, (for us at least) this is not so. We answer the phones from 8am to 5pm CST Monday through Friday. You can FAX your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (515) 986-1129, or you can also place an order online on our main website using your web browser. Please don't email your order, it's not secure and someone could steal your credit card number.

Can I get a new order form / Do I need an order form / I ran out of order forms!?

You can give us the information on the form or on any scrap of paper. As long as we can read it, you are fine (hieroglyphics just weren't our specialty in any life). Actually, there probably are SOME kinds of paper that would be a poor choice for making orders on ...

Can I make changes to my open orders?

Our Customer Care team can help you with that! Find all the ways to contact them here.

How can I check on my order?

The best way to check on your order is to log into the system. The My Account option will take you to a list of all of your orders, current and past, and you can obtain tracking numbers and the status of any open orders. Please note that at present, only orders placed through the website are shown here (thus, if you ordered by phone, status will not show in this section.) You can always contact Customer Care at 1-800-338-6827 if you have any questions.

How long is a typical item "out of stock" for?

With relatively few exceptions, product delays can be measured in days. There are some freak delays, but 2-4 weeks is a usually safe figure, and is what we'll likely tell you if you ask. However, please keep in mind that some items are directly imported from Japan, and may be in short supply even there, and should the vendor be out of stock at the time of our resupply order with them, it may be a bit longer. We keep thousands of items in stock, and our computer system automatically adjusts stock levels based on demand.

Can I use my catalog coupons for an online order?

Yes, you can. Simply use the Coupon Code that is on your coupon when you place your online order. You can only use one coupon per order and only one catalog coupon per customer.

Can I order online Mega Deals or Special Pre-Order Discounted items through the mail?

Sorry, but these special offers are only available through our online store at RightStufAnime.com and if you check in often enough, you might find some amazing deals online!

I ordered something in your catalog and you told me that it was discontinued / why did you list it as being available for sale?

Since we only print our catalog three times a year, some products that are listed do sell out during the lifetime of the catalog. It might be that the product is a Limited Edition or an Import that is only available for a short time. Other times, an item, such as a graphic novel, can go out of print and will no longer be produced. Unfortunately, we don't always know this until after the catalog has been printed. If you do select a discontinued item, we'll do our very best to work with you to select a different one or simply return your payment.

How many promo codes can I use with my order?

You can only use one promo code per order.

Do you ship COD?

No. In fact, few companies do it any more because of the large prominence of fraud. Sorry.

Do I add sales tax?

Only if you happen to live in Iowa.

If I move, should I inform you?

Certainly a good idea (Right Stuf would be the FIRST notice I'd send if I were you), especially if you want to keep getting stuff from us. Just drop us a quick note, giving us your old address, and your new address, so that we can update our records.

Credit Card Orders

Do you take Discover / VISA / MasterCard / American Express / JCB?

Yes to all. About the only plastic that we don't take are standard ATM and gasoline cards.

Why is the credit card I've always used for Right Stuf orders not working now?

First, check to make sure your credit card's number, expiration date, security code, and billing address are entered correctly. Your credit card information must be complete and valid for you to be able to place an order.

Second, keep in mind that when you check out with a credit or debit card on our new store, your card will be authorized for $1.00 right away to verify the card. We will wait to authorize any other amount (up to and including the full amount) until the order is ready to be shipped.

If, after you have verified that all your credit card information is correct and that your card can be authorized for the full amount of your order, you are still not able to check out with your card, please contact our Customer Care team.

If I order using a credit/debit card, when do you charge it?

When you place an order with a credit or debit card, your card will be authorized for the full amount of your order. This is an authorization, not a charge, payment, or fee; it simply validates the card. It's temporary, and will be lifted some time later, as defined by the company or bank that issued the card to you. Credit cards are authorized upon checkout, but (by law in our state, actually) get actually charged only when the product actually ships, unless there's some freaky deposit problem. Please keep this in mind when placing orders with your debit card because shipments occasionally arrive at our facility earlier than expected. When this happens, your order may ship to you before the official availability date of an item in our online store.

I'm an international customer. How do I buy from you?

We do not accept payments by check in a foreign currency, so you'll need to use a major credit card. Please note that we utilize fraud scoring software in order to verify your order. We suggest that you place your order with the shipment being sent to the billing address on your credit card. We reserve the right to decline orders which we feel may be fraudulent, or contact you for additional information should your order be held for review.

You take PayPal now!?

We accept PayPal either through the use of the PayPal branded Visa card, or through your normal PayPal account. At checkout, you will be redirected to PayPal's site in order to put in your information for payment. Please note, when you pay by PayPal, the entire value of your order is debited immediately from your account whether or not your order is ready to ship. Once you've placed your order, we will update you every 30 days while we work to fulfill your order. We're delighted to be able to offer this payment method to customers again!

Got Anime? Membership

What's this "Got Anime" thing?

Joining our Got Anime Membership program is an easy way to get an additional discount on your favorite anime items! For a small yearly membership fee, you get additional discounts on great products, the latest catalog, newsletters, and members-only specials! Click Here to find more about the Got Anime Purchasing Club or to sign up.

How does the Got Anime discount work?

When you log in as a Got Anime? member, items eligible for the Got Anime? discount will have a special membership price displayed. You must be logged into your account for your Got Anime? prices to display and apply to your order at checkout.

If you are a Got Anime? member and don't see your membership prices displayed on eligible items, first check to confirm you're logged in with your account. If your membership has only recently been activated, you may need to sign out of your account and sign back in. Secondly, if you only very recently placed an order for Got Anime? membership, your membership might not be activated yet. If you have received confirmation that your membership has been activated and your Got Anime? membership pricing is still not displaying when you log in, please contact our Customer Care team.

Is the Got Anime? website ever coming back?

Unfortunately, the Got Anime? site is not going to come back. However, many of its features are now displayed when you click on "My Account." Additionally, if you are a Got Anime? member, your Got Anime? discount is now displayed automatically on eligible items when you log into your account. We are continuing to look at ways to make the Got Anime? program even better, and will have more details at a later time.

Returning Merchandise


If your merchandise is defective due to a flaw in manufacturing, we are more than happy to replace the product. Unopened DVDs and Blu-ray discs can be returned for Right Stuf store credit (or in the case of credit cards, refunded to the issuing card.) All returns/refunds must be processed within sixty (60) days of the date on your purchase invoice. If you need to complete a return/refund, please obtain a return authorization number from Customer Care at 800-338-6827.

Products returned without a return authorization number, or those more than sixty (60) days after the invoice date, will be returned to the customer.

If the package was damaged while in transit (crushed box): if delivered by UPS, please contact UPS directly at (800) PICK UPS or if delivered by Mail, please contact your local postmaster.

Do I have to pay to ship back a product to Right Stuf?

We will pay for return shipping if the error with your order is ours. Otherwise, we ask that you pay the shipping of the return to us, and we will pick up the replacement shipping.

Is "I didn't like this DVD" a good enough reason for me to return it?

Sorry, no. However, defective DVDs can be exchanged for another copy of the same tape within sixty (60) days. Please note that DVD player incompatibilities cannot be considered defects without the manufacturer's acknowledgement of the problem.

Mail-In Orders

I went to your online store and I wanted to order, but I don't have a credit card? What do I do?

Should you prefer to flip through the online store to select items, you can actually use it to place an order in by mail! Simply select all of the items you want and place them in your cart. When you proceed to checkout, print out the page before completing check out and mail it in with your payment. Although you can use the online store to generate your order, nothing will be recorded by our system so make sure that you don't lose your form or you'll have to re-enter everything all over again!

Why do you hold my order when I pay with a check?

Even with all this cool technology, checks require at least 12 days to clear. In a perfect world, this would not be so.

What's this NSF charge?

"Non-Sufficient Funds" means, in English, your check bounced. This is bad. We will charge you for this. There is a $25 charge for all returned checks

Product Availability

Our website will inform you if the items you are looking to order are in stock or not in stock. Note that if you are looking at buying an item that has very limited inventory, the first person to put it in their cart and check out will receive the item. After the item is sold out, it will be removed from your cart. You cannot save items in your cart; however, you can add items to your wish list for things you want to come back to later. If the price of the item changes, your wish list or cart will be updated accordingly. Pricing is dynamic and may change frequently. We cannot guarantee a price of an item you are looking at will be the same tomorrow as it was today.

**Note on Backorders**

If your item remains backordered for an extended period, or is a special order, you will receive a notification from us. Some special order items cannot be canceled.