Magic Knight Rayearth Complete Collection Blu-ray

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Retail Price: $99.95

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  • Publisher: EASTERN STAR
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Themes: Adventure, Magical Girl
  • Age Rating: 13+
  • Run Time: 1176
  • Release Date: 1/31/2017
  • Weight: 0.5

Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews


Magic Knight Rayearth Bluray Woot


I have been looking forward to this since it was announced for a Bluray release. I own the DVD set and loved the series can wait to watch again with vibrant colors and seeing how Discotek did on this bluray.

The show is a classic and worth the buy



I had been wondering if this series would even get released on Blu-Ray. I thank you very much. This series I shall definitively acquire.

Poor quality again from Discotek

by -

I love this series. The story is awesome and clamp always has wonderful artwork. I was very excited to see that this was getting the bluray treatment but now that I have this series I should have know discotek/eastern star was going to give the series the treatment it deserved.

The menu, and video quality are no better (and this is supposed to be remastered) than the original dvd release (very grainy). This has also been my experience with Discoteks release of the series Free! and IGPX (free! was released in HD so there's no reason it should be grainy at all).

Overall very disappointed. :(

A wonderful set!

by -

Discotek has done an amazing job with this release. The video uses the same source as the Japanese BD-Box, an HD telecine from a new film print, so the quality is superb and much better than any of the previous DVD releases. Film grain is present, as it should be. Seeing the OP in HD for the first time took my breath away.

You can tell this release was a labor of love for Discotek. For not only did they work hard to obtain the best masters available, but they also packed this release full of extras.

It's time to add this one to your collection! :)

Magic Kinght Rayearth Is Back


Glad to have this fantastic series back in print-and on bluray to boot!! The PQ on bluray is excellent, the audio-both japanese and english is very good. If you like MKR you've gotta get this release. Nuff' said.

An anime classic the way it was meant to be seen!


I never saw the original release of Magic Knight Rayearth when it was released by Media Blasters years ago but I can guarantee you that this is the best the series has ever looked (on par with Viz's Ranma 1/2 Blu-rays)! The characters are great and the series embodies a lot of what what was so cool about anime from the 90's. Clamp's artstyle shines through in this series. This is a definite must buy for anyone looking for great classic anime on Blu-ray.



I'm very happy with this blu-ray release. The video footage retains it's aged grainy 90s quality, but is upgraded to HD, and looks great. The casing, artwork, and discs themselves are beautiful and worthy of a collector's edition. What really gives this release value in my opinion, are the special features and extras. They really loaded the 6th disc with gems like interviews, alternate dubs and openings, original Japanese premiers complete with commercials and bumpers, and my personal favorite, the English song covers by Sandy Fox.

My only minor complaint is that the opening themes play on repeat on the menus, so if you spend much time navigating or leave it on in the background those songs will tend to get annoying pretty quickly.

Overall if you are an old fan of this series or just want to explore some classic 90s shoujo anime, this set is worth it.

Re-Live the Magic

by -

While it has been over a decade since I have watched Magic Knight Rayearth, but the charm of the series still holds up to this day.

Having all 49 episodes remastered including extra content ranging different dubs, pilot episodes, outtakes, omakes, and ect. on blu-ray is a must have for all classic anime fans and fans of CLAMP.

Stunning Blu Ray Debut!!!!

by -

This is an amazing blu ray debut for this show!

This is the way blu ray should always look! Like this release! The show looks magnificent here! The colors are bright and vivid, the picture is crystal clear and it looks like a brand new anime (other than the animation style that is!) The sound is good too, realizing when this came out in the early 90s before current surround sound etc.

This is a no brainer for ANYONE who loves Rayearth, it's a really fun show and looks absolutely stunning here on blu ray!