Ladies Versus Butlers Blu-ray

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  • Publisher: MEDIA BLASTERS
  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance
  • Themes: Fan Service, Harem
  • Age Rating: 16+
  • Run Time: 306
  • Year Created: 2010
  • Release Date: 12/15/2015
  • Weight: 0.5

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Masters and Maids Meet Heaven! (Part 1)


Ladies versus Butlers is a 12 episode romantic comedy/harem based of a 13 volume light novel series about a boy named Akiharu Hino who attends a school for upper-class ladies after losing his parents at a young age. The school is dedicated to instructing maids and butlers how to function in high-class society. On his first day Akiharu bumps into the infamous Selnia Iori Flameheart, the daughter of an extremely wealthy and prestigious family in the area. He also discovers that his seemingly innocent childhood friend, Tomomi Saikyou, is a student there, but she's a twisted, manipulative prankster who likes to make his life a living hell, especially now that she knows Selnia has become involved with him. (Perverted) Chaos ensues from there as Akiharu struggles to balance his new life with his classmates, most of them being crazy, perverse, anti-social, erratic, otakus, etc.

Masters and Maids Meet Heaven! (Part 2)


The story itself is the typical harem fare. The majority of the series is episodic and most of the episodes are basically Akiharu interacting with the various girls at the school. The cast, though large, is extremely likeable, but unfortunately most the time is spent on character introduction rather then developing existing characters. It should be noted Media Blasters is known for having a so-so track record for their dubs. But let me tell you Ladies versus Butlers is one of the best the company has had in years!! Combining a plethora of veteran talent with some newer actors, the english dub does not disappoint and is absolutely worth a listen. Overall Ladies vs. Butlers is a solid anime. It's main problem is that it doesn't do much to stand out from other anime in the genre but it's not terrible by any means either. If you like comedy/fanservice anime it's absolutely worth checking out!

A truly spectacular showcase of animation and character design.

by -

This series is a beautiful joy to behold from beginning to end. The gorgeous character designs, supple animation and crisp, voluptuous color palette set it a gaping distance from all its rival service shows. One point is docked only for the omission of the omake shorts, which I feel for a show like this are essential to bring the whole work home. But whatever it lacks takes nothing away from the luscious visuals that get delivered.

Plus, probably the best cover art of my entire animation collection. Irresistible.

A Funny Anime with Fanservice to Boot, a Win Win !


It took awhile for this one to finally get released, but when it did it didn't disappoint.

The only thing with it is that it was over too soon...

Good, but could have been better


The show itself is great, if you like ecchi harem anime. All the tropes are there. All the cheesecake you can eat.

The bluray release after so many delays and license juggling, was a little disappointing.

The subtitles, especially in the first and last episode are just...inconsistent. There are some really oddly phrased things that kind of ruin it. Just weird and unnatural. Video quality is just ok, and the audio is fine.

Biggest problem? Does not have the specials. Those things were legendary. Soft core pornography? Maybe. But revolutionary none the less. It may have not been feasible for whatever reason to include them, but not having them is a mark against it.

Otherwise, as a budget anime release it is quite good.

Worth the wait

by -

I think in total I had this title on preorder for the better part of 2 years. Every time the release date came it would get pushed back again. I was ecstatic when a BD was announced and when the disk finally arrived I had the biggest grin on my face. It was well worth the wait.

The picture quality was amazing and the series had an all star voice cast to match. Animation was handed by the fine folks and Xebec which pretty much guaranteed awesome service, cute character designs, and great visuals.

Only complaint I have stems from the subtitles. The word selection MB used seemed.... awkward and unnatural at times. It felt like at times they were using the raw literal translation without any rewording to help make it sound like something you'd actually hear said in English.

Highly recommend this series to all ecchi fans. Even comes with a dub too for those of you who are into that sort of thing.

Fan Service anime that's funny

by -

No spoilers just personal opinions.

I enjoyed this anime. Sure it's a fan service, harem anime, but the script and characters are well written. The artwork is excellent and flows smoothly.

The female characters mostly busty, with the exception of one character who is 19 but looks like a child. I guess it covers the lolita factor. So if you are in to this type of anime, this is a good choice.

As with typical fan service, harem anime, nose bleeds and face plants abound. So does the nudity. While I would recommend this anime, I would say it's not for children.

Off its rocker

by -

I was always going to watch this anime subbed, but when I found it they dubbed it I quickly purchased it. The fan service is off the charts. For me the story was interesting enough to keep me entertained. Some of it can be over the top thats an ecchi for you. Sometime I can't believe how the main character is clueless.

Worth the price IMO

by -

I knew nothing about this show when I ordered it, just took a chance and hoped it worked out. The first episode or 2 I thought I had made a mistake. I kept watching and as I got further into the season I found myself enjoying the show. By the end I was looking forward to a season 2.

I am not one of those that look for life lessons in a cartoon. If it is drawn well and it makes me laugh I am good (or as my wife says "If it has tits and makes you laugh you will watch it every time." ) It isn't the best harem style anime out there, nor is it the worst, but I thought I got my monies worth.

Worth the money for sure.

by -

I knew nothing about this series before I bought it. I am glad I did. Have watched this series clear through a few times since I purchased it.

There is fan service here if that kind of thing offends you or if it something you enjoy. There is also interesting characters and lots of humor. The dub is well done and the animation is excellent. Just a fun slice of life, harem, fan service, comedy series.