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Got Anime? Review

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I LOVE this since I order in bulk a lot (well try to...). I say everyone should get this if you order in bulk like I do.

Regret not buying it sooner

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Definitely worth it if you buy a lot you will save more than what you spend on the membership

I won't be renewing this.

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I stopped reviewing the coupons after a couple months, the coupons themselves were only worth $3 and had use towards the orders I made and the member price isn't worth much because there are other sites that have the same products just a couple dollars more but have a better customer service and shipping rate.

Amazing deal, especially for big buyers!

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Well, the price did go up a bit. I bought in July, so it's still active for a while, but it was $12 at the time. I will say that even at $18 this will STILL have saved me a good amount of money and I will definitely be further utilizing savings with this membership before it expires.

Just so you have some idea, I can tell you bigger purchases like box sets often come discounted around $6-$8, some manga are discounted around $1-$3 and a typical bluray or DVD might be discounted around $3-$6. It varies, but that's a solid average looking at my past purchases. Not ALL items are additionally discounted, but many popular items are, especially more expensive ones. I'd say if you only buy 1-2 small items a month, it's a gamble if you'll save money at the $18 price. Any more than that and this is a no-brainer. Just get it, it will DEFINITELY save you money in the long run!

It practically pays for itself!

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Love it! I've been a member for a few years now and after 2 or 3 orders the discounts I get basically pays for my membership!


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I have been a Got Anime member for some time now, so imagine my surprise when the membership fee went from a fantastic $12 per year to a whopping $18!

Not only that, it used to be a 10% discount on most items, however now the wording is "UP TO 10%" and has included many items listed as Not Eligible For Promotional Discounts.

Also, I fully agree with other commenters that the coupons are practically useless because of all of the restrictions on them. As I write this review I am about to place a $300 order, but cannot use the measly $5 off $70 coupon because of this restriction.

The free shipping on $74 is nice, however if you have one item in your order that is not in stock or a preorder, your ENTIRE order gets held up until that one item is available.

Will I be renewing my membership when it expires? No

Used to be much better

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A couple years ago, this used to be totally worth it. I mean, like many have said already, the coupons were always worthless because you can't combine them with anything. But the 10% discount and the $12 price were a good deal when combined with a sale. Back in the day you would save 43% off the original price so it was really worth it.

But now you'll only get maybe $0.75 off a $9.99 item during a sale. I haven't found a single manga where the member discount actually gives you 10% off the original price. Ultimately, you won't really save more than 33% on virtually anything with or without the membership. Might as well just buy it on Amazon or InStockTrades; the membership was what gave Right Stuf the edge over other retailers but now...

I won't renew it again, much less for $18; before, I could buy $120 worth of stuff to start saving, now I'd have to buy $240 before the membership pays itself and the discount is abysmal compared to the competition. What a letdown.

Was Great!, but now its Useless!

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Was a G/A subscriber! Was buying bulk blurays around $1000 bi-month, monthly till I got caught up to the preorders. Ended G/A when I got caught up because it wasnt saving anything like so many others say. lately I place a order every 3-4 months around 200- $500. Thought I would see if anything has changed that made it worth it, again.

Price increased -$12 to $18!

shipping changed -1 item holds up whole orders now!

Change 10% off to UP TO 10% off

Increasing # of items NOT ELIGIBLE for discounts Or G/A.

Return policy stayed the same

Coupon codes still Useless

Bottom line - At r$200 of eligible G/A for a year it pays for the membership, but if your not buying $1000 of eligible G/A discount for the year, its pointless to get. So its still not worth it for me and probably never will be again since im caught probably!

Bad move.

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Wow. The membership when from $12 to $18. I only get buy items twice or three times per year. I don't really save a lot anymore. Customer since 2008. I think I'll stop my business here. Other websites offer almost the same deals without paying for membership.

Second Year as Got Anime? member!

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To the people who are doubting on getting or not this membership read the following benefits.

1. You get an additional 10% from all eligible items

2. You get priority order processing

3. You save tons of money when buying a lot (I save around 50$ in my last purchase)

4. The monthly coupons you get help saving even more!.

Get it! You will see that it's worth it!!!

Honest Review

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Alright guys, here is an honest review for this membership... This membership has some great features AND some pretty heavy cons. Lets start with the major con that I see as a huge disappointment. Look, RightStuf, we want faster shipping. Cut and dry. If its too expensive on your end, then make 2 different packages and make 1 more expensive. I'll happily pay 30$ a year to get 2 day shipping (I feel as if I'm not alone either). Now on to the real reason you buy this. The discount. use it right and it'll be your best friend. I buy mostly collectors blu rays, therefore I save a lot of money, If you buy manga once a year, don't buy this, its worthless. Use your simple math skills, its a 10% discount. Of course you're going to save only .77 cents on 1 manga. Duh. Overall, I would recommend if you're buying bigger more expensive stuff.

Typical Member Price they put on Manga

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Negative: 12 to 18 and low price coupons

Positive: good price, sales and well packaged.

Typical price for member

(Manga like One Piece, Haikyu, Magi, etc)

Retail Price: $9.99

Non-Member Price: $7.49

Member Price: $6.74

Your Membership saves you an additional: $0.75

(Manga like Tokyo Ghoul, Inuyashiki etc)

Retail Price: $12.99

Non-Member Price: $9.74

Member Price: $8.77

Your Membership saves you an additional: $0.97

Berserk Price

Retail Price: $14.99

Non-Member Price: $11.24

Member Price: $10.12

Your Membership saves you an additional: $1.12

+DH sale= to 9.01

(Manga like Jojo Bizarre Adventures, Übel Blatt,etc

Retail Price: $19.99

Non-Member Price: $14.99

Member Price: $13.49

saves: $1.50

So ist worth it or not? That depends on yours Purchase habits, if you are the person that buy a lot then get the membership and If you are the person that only buy a couple a year it's not worth buying the membership.

Join The Club

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I enjoy the Got Anime? membership for a reason: discount. It is worth saving money, when you join in.