Fate/Zero Box Set 1 Blu-ray (Import)

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Retail Price: $498.98

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  • Media: Blu-ray
  • Spoken Language: Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Age Rating: 13+
  • Run Time: 330
  • Release Date: 3/7/2012
  • Weight: 1.8

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A just review


Fate Zero is just one of those anime that can either get you in awe or get you bored. Before you read my review, I was already a fan of type-moon's work and Gen Urobuchi, the original author. So lets break down the review so you know what you are getting yourself into since it is a pretty hefty buy. I am going to go over the story (NO SPOILERS), Animation, product quality, and price.


As noted I wont give out any HEAVY spoilers of the show so don't worry. If you plan to watch the show Ill let it speak for itself as you watch. So the show synopsis on the website explains how it is a prequel to fate stay night which is correct. This series takes 10 years before the show so if you have watched the original stay night series then you will be immersed with this show universe as it is the same. If you never watched stay night then don't fret as the rules of their world will be explained. Fate Zero takes place in a city where every 60 years a war with seven magus a person who can wield magic will do battle for the holy grail, a magic item that can grant any wish. The seven magus that enters the battle royal are called Masters and they each get to summon a heroic spirit to aid them to win the war are called servants. The Heroic spirits are people that have done heroic deeds in the past and are given a second chance to be on Earth and enter the challenge. Each magus have their own objectives to win the war and each have their own ideals of how to fight. Based on this information, expect to have a show with a vast amount of unique characters each with their own story and ideals. The show is good at explaining but sometimes if your an action junkie there would too much explaining. The action is great when it appears and you would just re-watch the episode over and over.

Animation and sound

The animation for this series is just breath taking when you are watching at full 1080p. The studio who made this show ufotabe also did the Garden of Sinner movie series wanted to make a TV series with a movie quality animation. The style of drawing is very close to the Garden of Sinner since the two show share the same universe, so it is a nice touch. Each episode animation quality is like watching a movie and the sound is amazing. The composer of this show knew what would fit the mood during each scene.

Product Quality

When you buy this box set the first thing you will see is this simple white box on one side and art on the other showcasing the servants. Just look on the site. Inside the box the disk are stored in a digipack which also have some nice artwork. The box set also comes with a bunch of goodies which is stored in the box. The first is the OST soundtrack which is nice if you liked the music. The other bonus disk is the drama CD which contains some more back stories with the main 'main' character. The blu ray disk also have a few special features like clean opening and ending as well as trailer spots. The bad news on the special feature is that there is no subtitles and the drama CD doesn't come in translated so if you don't know Japanese then that's going to hurt your enjoyment.


I am not going to joke but the price is steep. If you are like most people you are going to erk when you see the price. Rightstuf has it for sale at 369.00 dollars and at that price it costed you more then your blu ray player or TV. There is some factors that justify the price. First it is a import. The same version you are buying here is the same version your fellow Japanese anime fan is getting back in Japan. Although it is an import it is the official version for the United States. The second is that it is a Blu ray and the Japanese population could hypothetically import the US version since it is slightly cheaper and watch it on their machines.

Overall this show in my opinion is one of the best anime around and it will be a instant classic.


Great setting, Animation, music,... alot


The Price and the major fact, it is half the series so somewhere down the line if you buy this box set there will be another. This box set contains the first 13 episodes out of 26.

I would recommend to watch it on a legal stream site first before making the buy. The main reason you would buy this is to watch it in 1080p and watch the uncut broadcast as well as already be a fan of the series. If you buy this as a blind buy and loved it then more points to you as watching this in HD for your first time would be awesome, but if you bought this at a whim and it didn't meet your expectation then... you know.