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  • Media: DVD
  • Spoken Language: English, Japanese
  • Subtitle Language: English
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • Themes: School Life, Slice of Life
  • Age Rating: 13+
  • Run Time: 325
  • Release Date: 2/26/2008
  • Weight: 0.5

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Good! could have been great!


Boys Be is a neat story about 3 guys trying to find love. It had some really nice sweet moments, and had some really nice romantic moments.

Unfortunately, The show was hindered by it's own self-imposed limitations. Basically, the anime takes turns showing the 3 guys getting to know 1 future lover and 1 failed lover. Add in some other girls perspectives, and you have basically the entire anime series.

Sounds short right? That's because it is. I have no idea how the people that created this anime thought that they could have 3 male protagonists, throw in the stories of about 11 women, and expect to have a coherent story in only 13 episodes. That's right, just like His and Her Circumstances, there is NO closure (but at least H&HCirc was longer). If there was ANY closure, it'd be nice, but ZERO closure is asking for a lot out of people.

Major props to Right Stuf for making the show interesting in english. The first episode voice acting was so-so, but It kept getting better and beter and was perfect by about the end of the second dvd. And it's not their fault the show was so short.

In End, it was a well produced show, had good quality visuals, had some incredible stories, but stopped (not ended, there was no end) too soon. If you just want some nice sweet stories then by all means pick this up!